Senior Fellowship

There are several Senior Fellowship activities throughout the year at the Redeemer. In addition to the Redeemer Rocker series of events, there is an annual Valentine's themed party, and there is often a fun gathering in the spring.

Senior Fellowship is a place where seniors can offer their feedback and suggestions as to how the church as a whole can be more welcoming and accessible to seniors. Such projects include ride-share networks to church and other events, professional referrals and the new initiative to have tables and chairs at the semi-annual Redeemer picnics. We would like to further develop these activities and are in need of volunteers.

Senior Fellowship at the Redeemer has recently become a stronger focus of the Fellowship Committee in response to positive feedback to the Redeemer Rocker Series.  

We are always looking for ways to make the Redeemer better for all of its members, but are particularly interested in making sure the Redeemer cares for its elders.

For more information on Senior Fellowship, contact Redeemer Rocker Committee Chair, Carol Post Pfaelzer at 617-566-7679.

Monthly Redeemer Movie Nights

Monthly Friday night movie nights are run by and attended by seniors, although everyone is invited and all ages frequently attend. Contact Movie Night Coordinator Carol Post-Pfaezler for more information.