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Liza Jones

Liza Jones and her husband Walker Jones came to Church of the Redeemer from Trinity Church Boston in 2006. Liza is an elementary school teacher and has been since 1990. (In fact, she held her very first position right across the street at The Chestnut Hill School.) Liza taught at Fenn School and in the Brookline Public Schools before landing at Shady Hill School in Cambridge where she has been since 1999. Currently Liza shares the teaching of a 3rd grade classroom, which allows her to work also in admission as an admission counselor and in teacher training as a licensure supervisor. She is married to Walker Jones, has two children- Bannon (10) and Josiah (8). Liza grew up in the Episcopal Church, went to an Episcopal high school and is the daughter of a retired Episcopal bishop. She and Walker are grateful for the Redeemer being in their lives, and especially for it being in the lives of their children.

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