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Here is a brief recap of the FUEL program.  FUEL is a community partnership between the Church of the Redeemer and the Centre Street Food Pantry which provides weekend food to needy children in the Newton public schools. Redeemer parishioners purchase the food, and each week 6-10 of us gather in the Undercroft to pack about 35 backpacks and 4 others deliver the backpacks to the Newton schools.

The FUEL program began in earnest last October, and since then we will have delivered a total of 1,000 backpacks of food by the end of June. During July we supported the Title 1 Summer Program with snacks for about 40 children as well as with backpacks as needed.

The City of Newton's Commissioner of Health and Human Services has partnered with us to use the FUEL model during the summer. 15 locations have been designated throughout the City for people to pick up backpacks of food for 1-2 children over a weekend. 

The City has handled publicity for the program; it provided all funding for the program; and the City's DPW picked up and delivered to the Redeemer enough food for 200 backpacks to start. On Saturday, June 23rd we packed 200 backpacks and delivered them to the designated sites; we ordered food and packed 300 more backpacks for delivery August 13th.
If you would like a specific task or to deliver to one of the sites starting in September please be in touch. (

Thank you to all of you who have made this work so successful.  So many people are grateful for the food FUEL has provided! If you have suggestions, comments or questions, please be in touch:

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