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Chip Pollard

Chip has lived in Boston since 1996, and currently resides in Chestnut Hill with his wife Maisie and three daughters, Charlotte (18), Serena (16) and Eliza (12).  Prior to moving to Boston, Maisie and Chip lived in New York City.   For the majority of his working career, Chip has worked in the investment management business.  He is currently a portfolio manager in wealth management at BNY Mellon. Outside of his regular work, Chip is a very “handy” person who spends time on various home projects.  He also enjoys many sports, travel and cooking.  When his children were younger, Chip enjoyed coaching a few of their sports.  A former college tennis and hockey player, Chip enjoys tennis, golf, hockey, skiing and platform tennis.  Chip is a past member of Vestry at the Church of the Redeemer.  He received a BA in economics from Middlebury College and his MBA from Vanderbilt University.